The Oceans are filling up with Plastic!

August 15, 2018


Since we live in a community with an economy that is largely based on harvesting food from the sea we should do our best to take care of the ocean surrounding us.

I read an article recently that explained how plastics polluting the ocean are getting ground down in to tiny particles that are then consumed by sea life. Since most of us eat seafood of one kind or another chances are pretty good that we are already consuming plastic pollution ourselves. We need to take steps, even baby steps, to change our consumption habits. 

Of course not all plastic ends up in the ocean, probably just a tiny percentage, but a tiny percentage of the massive quantities disposed of daily is still a mind boggling amount. And even if it doesn't end up in the ocean it will probably end up in a land fill where it will sit for many decades.

Hopefully some genius will soon develop a biodegradable product to make water bottles and other one use consumer plastic products friendlier to the planet. Meanwhile I hope you'll consider using a little less disposable plastic, I will. Baby steps!